Friday, January 16, 2009

Paper is your Friend

Technology now a days has us thinking that we need paper less and less. But this is not so. For writers especially, paper is important. And not just for sending in manuscripts.

I’m talking about notebooks and pads of paper. Because writing a story (especially a novel) involves so much detail and layers of information, I’ve found that the best way to catalogue this is with good old-fashioned pencil and paper.

But, the benefits don’t end there.

This is helpful for even writing down ideas when you aren’t near your computer. If anyone is like me, I forget things unless I get them down right away. Having a notebook or pad of paper on hand is great for this.

And not just for writers! Have a question you want to remember so you can think over it when you aren’t distracted and have more time? Paper is good for that, too.

Also, think about the reliability. Compared to a computer, you’re never left to worry about losing that information and making sure things are backed up. I know, paper could get wet and smudge, but if what you have in your notebook is important to you, trust me, you’ll protect it.

Any way you look at it, YOU NEED PAPER! It’s still the best practical way to remember and remind. Make paper your friend. It will not only help you in your endeavors but also open up a whole new world of it’s own.

Yes, we may have cellphones now, but that’s another topic for another time. :)

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