Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa, Satan?

Seems to me these words are a bit too close for comfort. Satan. Santa. All the same letters, only the n moves from the middle to the end. Okay, call me skeptical or a word nerd, but is it just in word alone? Could it be that the similarities don’t end there? Do we dare to compare? Lol need you ask? ;-)

Who is Satan?

From what the Bible tells us of him, he was not only the means of the first disobedience, labeling him as opposed to God, but we are also told he was kicked out of heaven for trying to replace God.

And he still tries to get all the glory. Look all around us! What is evil? What is temptation? A means to keep us from God and all that is good, yet again.

Satan is not only a deceiver but also a liar. He is behind all that is evil and all that seeks to destroy us and keep us from the truth and is not beyond telling a tale to do so.

Keep in mind, he is depicted in one way as a RED thing with horns and a pitch fork. And we can’t forget the actual serpent -or wolf in sheep's clothing- he portrayed to lie to Eve.

Now, who is Santa?

Santa is a fat man in a RED suit who rides around in a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer (A little far fetched? I think so.). He’s always depicted as having twinkly blue eyes and white hair -thick beard and mustache included.

What you may not realize is he is a distraction from the real meaning of Christmas -Jesus Christ. That makes him a deceiver too and, in effect, trying to keep us from God.

Whether he intends to or not, Santa is pushing out Christ -the truth. This then makes him a liar as well. Not to mention many parents make Christmas all about Santa Claus bringing presents instead of the truth of Christ’s birth which led to His death for all of us. We are squashing out truth with lies and Santa is at the head of them all around this time of year.

So... The comparison is pretty inseparable.

Sure, give Santa a kind, giving heart. Tell kids he is the one behind the presents when in reality he doesn’t exist. All more lies. And for what? A fat man in a suit. A deceiver and stealer of all that is true and good.

Which seems more meaningful... A man who breaks into your house every Christmas Eve to leave gifts, or One who came to live on this earth in order to die for all of our sins? The only reason Santa might seem more meaningful is because he preys on people’s selfishness. He is ALL about the presents!

So, give him blue eyes and white hair. You can give him all that and more! But, he is still no different than Satan himself. And people are in turn feeding him and his lies.

Not me. I need something that’s real and true to celebrate. Not that I’m against fairy tales by any means, but when we try to replace the truth of Jesus Christ with ridiculous tales, that’s where I have a problem.

Merry Christmas to you all! May the real reason for the season bring joy and comfort to your home and family. I wish you many blessings and adventures in the coming year.

~L. Pierce