Wednesday, March 25, 2009

God of... Excuses?

I haven’t quite known how to start this post...

This past week, I’ve had some very interesting conversations with someone I work for. I thought this person to be a good, solid Christian, and was actually starting to look up to them as such. Guess an overlying theme is not to hold anyone on this earth too high.

I can’t even recall how we started the initial conversation. I think this person had brought up something concerning pork and what we eat. This person and their family are very wanton with what they put in their mouths, and I’ve watched their children suffer for it with boils and soars on a regular basis.

This person’s point was that they didn’t think doing so was sin. Yet, what is sin? “Sin is the transgression of the law.” 1 John 3:4

God says in the Old Testament to refrain from eating pork -that is a law. For good reason, too! There is always a reason with God...

However, this person brought something up to me concerning this issue. Apparently the Bible gives us an excuse to do what we want. Can it be true? I wasn’t about to take his word for it. I came home and went to the Word and researched not only the Word but what it was saying by digging deeper into meanings of words, etc.

And I found this - that approached every verse this man pulled out to support his claims. I have checked this site and find it to be a credible source with no alternate intentions other than to uphold the Bible in every way, as is. (If you find otherwise, let me know.)

Between the two sides, this was the most reasonable. Not only that but it relied on God and His Word and there was no need to ignore the facts -pork is bad for you and, even with man made technology like refrigeration (main words here are MAN MADE), it is still a threat to your life. Basically, for this person to have been correct in this discussion, they would have had to change the Bible. All over the place! So, they were placing man above God. Are you?

I wasn’t about to have it. God’s Word is perfect as is! And I will forever proclaim this to be true because I know it to be. Has nothing to do with faith (in terms of following blindly) of any kind, but truth and reality and what is good.

So, the question is, would God really change His mind on something He had already said? What does that say about God? What does that say about us for portraying Him as such? And we wonder why so many people now a days have a hard time coming to Christ!

Christ said in Matthew 5:17, “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law.” The fact of the matter is that pigs have not changed. Neither have these bodies of ours. That was not Christ’s purpose in coming.

In conclusion, this person said he would have to “get a revelation from God” on the matter. But, what about this... 1) I was brought to them to work. Had never met them before in my life. 2) God has blessed me with a working mind, a willingness to learn, and the understanding of these things. 3) I brought it up and shared it with them from the love and concern of my heart as a fellow follower of Christ. And 4) The proof is clearly there in favor of God’s Word, all we have to do is search it out.

What more of a revelation do we need????

Yes, I do believe that God can tell us, “this is right.” But so many times His voice is overshadowed by our selfishness or wants or needs. Plus, God did use people (prophets and even nobodies) as well as proof (the plagues in Egypt come to mind) of Him to relay his messages. Why would He have stopped using those means today?

If this is an issue you are struggling with as well, I would suggest you pray about it, yes, but also seek to learn and ask God to teach you. The best decisions made are those that we know both sides of and make based on what is right and good -based on God.

Two things to remember... “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

~It is very possibly you are being lied to and deceived by the Enemy about pork as well as other things. If it is a threat to your life, it's safe to say that it is not of God.

"For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

~Asking isn’t the end. We must seek as well... Thank you, Billy Coffey for the reminder of this verse. :)

~L. Pierce

Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm behind. I know it. I'm sorry.

"Two weeks," I keep telling myself. "Two weeks and things will be different."

But, then I wonder... Will it, really? How do I know? Sure, I know something that will be changing in two weeks, but two weeks is a long time. A lot can happen in two weeks. A lot has happened this week. A lot can happen in a single day that could change my life forever.

So, I ask you to be patient with me. It's not that my posts here aren't important because, believe me, they are -otherwise, I wouldn't need to write and say I'm sorry. I would rather be writing, reading, and researching more than anything else. But, that's not what God wants my focus to be on right now, I guess. And, sometimes, if I'm lucky (as if luck has anything to do with it.. ha), I get to see why.

This week I've been able to experience some things.. Not just because it's been crazy busy per se, but inside the business there has been more. More how? I have been and become a part of some things that give me purpose and remind me of how God has blessed me and answered my prayers for Him to teach me. Sometimes I can even glimpse what He might have in store for my life. That, in itself, is so thrilling. I can have my head in the clouds, dreaming about what I am and still could be, and it gives me hope and keeps me going. Any writer's dream.. Boy, what a life! ;) *giggle*

That's the stuff to get high off of. Forget drugs and all those other alternatives that don't last and harm you. This is everlasting and safe. And it's real. Like, really real. I'll explain in my next post, Lord willing.

I can't say it enough, and I never will... God is so amazing! Pray you all are finding the same to be true in your own lives this week and always.

Looking forward to what tomorrow may hold,
~L. Pierce

Friday, March 13, 2009


I’d like to know... What’s happened to saying you’re sorry? Even if you don’t know what you’ve done, yet the evidence is there that something is clearly wrong, why don’t we say sorry?

I have learned there are several reasons “sorry” is no longer in some people’s vocabulary.

ONE -- People deceive themselves into thinking that they have done nothing wrong.

I know someone like this. They go around and around the issue, trying to somehow make themselves feel or seem justified or to rid themselves of the guilt. Sometimes they even stoop to saying the other person isn’t making any sense when the matter of an apology is brought to their attention.

However, it is quite obvious that NO ONE is perfect (as I have said before). So, to think this is selfishly one sided. We just go by what WE think to be right by our own perception of things when we cannot know or see all, in effect, discarding what the other person might think.

We all make mistakes! And I know for certain that no one is without their faults when it comes to an argument or issue. In fact, you can’t have either without at least two people being involved, so that right there makes all parties guilty.

That alone should be enough reason to say sorry! So, again, why don’t people apologize?

TWO --Another reason would be that they have asked the person that was involved if there is anything they should apologize for, and they have said “no.”

Only problem with this is that, personally, I don’t think you should ask someone if you need to apologize! It defeats the purpose of apologizing -humbling yourself in order to truly show you’re sorry. Not only that, but it puts others on the spot and most people won’t say yes because they don’t want to sound mean or make a bigger issue out of things. There is even the possibility that they know that person will attempt to reason their way out of apologizing if they mention something -definitely a big turn off.

What would you do if someone close to you asked you if they needed to apologize for something?

I recently spoke to the person I mentioned before about apologizing to someone else I know. (Are you still with me? Lets call the first person I mentioned earlier, Person 1, and this new person, Person 2)

There is clearly some sort of wall between them. Person 2 isn’t talking to Person 1 and the last time they talked, there was a fight -Person 2 made a comment about something, and Person 1 blew it way out of proportion causing Person 2 to leave.

That was the last time they spoke. So, it makes sense then, given the evidence, that both, especially Person 1, should apologize. Right? Person 1 for assuming something that wasn’t and making a big deal out of it, and Person 2 for not making it clearer and not trying to work it out like adults.

Well Person 1 did the first two things we’ve talked about here. They don’t think they are wrong, they’ve tried to talk their way out of their need to apologize, and have brought up the issue that they have asked if they need to apologize. They’ve even said the middle man that approached them (me) wasn’t making sense when trying to explain why they needed to apologize.

Come to think of it though, I can’t think of the last time Person 1 has ever apologized for anything. That leads to the next point.

THREE -- They try and forget about what they have done and often times succeed.

In their minds they probably think it will be forgotten in due time. But, wrongs aren’t forgotten so easily. Nor are they forgiven so easily in many people’s cases.

I can still remember quite clearly when someone did something awful to me and never apologized for it. In fact, I can remember them all. Not that I haven’t forgiven those people because I have, or that I hold it against them because I don’t! But, when someone does something to you and doesn’t at least try to make amends for it, for some reason it becomes ingrained in your mind.

Think about it... Has someone ever treated you wrongly or harmed you in some way? Even if you have forgiven them, do you remember it? If my guess is right, even though it’s been a long time and has been dealt with by forgiveness, you can probably still remember it like it was yesterday. Correct?

This could be for many reasons. Perhaps it’s in the hope that someday they will apologize. *shrug* Who can really say for certain. The point is, wrongs don’t right themselves just by letting them sit. They don’t magically disappear, no matter what we may think. They can actually get much worse when left alone. Like a pot of food on a hot burner, it will get more and more burnt, in effect destroying the food on the inside.

“But.. that means that apologizing is that much more important then.. It could be someone’s life at stake.”

That’s right! Some people aren’t as easy to forgive as others. Sure, I have forgiven those that have wronged me, but what would other people have done in my situation? Some might fall apart, others might become bitter and hateful toward anyone and everyone. So many bad things could happen to them, all because someone didn’t apologize!

And all we have to do is say two little words with as much heartfelt meaning as we harbor... “I’m sorry.”

Even if we've done something small, too! It’s better to cover our bases.

I bring up saying it with meaning because it can be very VERY obvious if you are not truly sorry. So, make sure you feel it inside before you say it and act on it. Otherwise, you will do no good -it will show.

FOUR -- Lastly, the person thinks that the other should be the one to apologize first.

I must admit, I have been here myself. Only problem is.. What if the other person is thinking the same thing? Then that issue is never dealt with and those wounds are never healed. As stated in reason ONE, we are all guilt for just being involved. That means we should apologize. So, DON'T WAIT!

Would that we all would put aside our own pride and think of others before ourselves. What are they feeling? What will this do to them if not dealt with? Not only that, but what will it do to us? We will become someone we do not wish to be.

It’s one thing to forgive someone; it’s another to apologize. But, we need to do both. If we can forgive, why can’t we say we’re sorry as well? They go hand in hand! It might take putting aside ourselves to do so but, if we can save a life, it’s worth it all. And it's never too late to apologize. That's the beauty of it.

What would the world be like if “sorry” became as popular as “yes” and “no”?

~L. Pierce
Do what is right and good in the LORD's sight, so that it may go well with you... Deuteronomy 6:18

Next Posting--- God of... Excuses?

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Did It...

I turned my World of Warcraft account back on. I know, I know. Call me crazy but, considering I'm all by myself, I figured I'd spare myself the boredom and perhaps prevent me from going insane in the process.

My mom is out of town for a week and a half, so it's just me and Sherbert (my parakeet). And, trust me, he's not a whole lot of fun. He'd rather bark at the dishwasher all day. (Don't ask.)

All in all, WoW isn't really a horrible game, though my brother would argue that the graphics are horrible and it's too "easy."

But there are actually a lot of extra things you can benefit from, believe it or not. Like how to type, which helps exponentially with being a writer. Since I started playing 3 years or so ago, my typing skills have sky rocketed! I'm couldn't be more thrilled! Who needs typing classes? Just get WoW and know your keyboard. It works!

You also learn how to communicate and deal with people and often times have the privilege of meeting some really neat ones in the process. The quests in game help to get your brain working and even help you to plan ahead (for example, I have X and Y quests in this area, but quest Z is on the way.. that sort of thing), Plus, organizing your bag space is a great way to learn to be orderly (yeah, I'm still working on this one.. But, keep in mind that certain brilliant men weren't tidy either!).

And finally, it can be a great mission field. There are so many lost people all around the world that could use a caring gesture or a kind word. I can't even count the people I've been able to witness to or help in some small way. God is so good. After all, Jesus said to "go into all the world and preach the gospel." Well, all the world is in WoW now apparently. Lol

However, it does have it's down sides and these are just as important as the others...

For one, there is always a threat with talking to people online that you don't know. Caution is greatly advised. Remember, only God sees into the heart and mind.

And, most importantly, there is a chance you can get sucked in and addicted, so it's important to use in moderation and not get too attached. Real life is more important and rewarding, no matter how much Gold you have or Gear you earn!! Don't forget that!

So, yes, I did it. But, I can honestly say that it has no hold over me. After a month, it will be off again and I won't even bat an eye... Gotta love self control. :)

Anyway, sorry this post is late today! I'm not at home for the next day or so due to guys refinishing the wooden floors in our house. Oye, what a mess.

Hope this finds you all well! And hey, if you're a WoWer or soon to be... give me a shout. Would love to meet ya! :)

~L. Pierce

Friday, March 6, 2009


I was rather taken with Taken.

The new movie came out January 30th and stars the voice of Aslan from Narnia, actor Liam Neeson. If you loved his deep, soothing vocals in that movie, you’ll love actually hearing AND seeing him in this one. Also included is the X-Men star Jean Grey, Famke Janssen.

I caught a screening of it Friday, the 27th of February, and even after a month the theater was still packed. For good reason, too...

Plot-- In short, the movie is about a man who’s daughter gets taken on a trip to Paris with her girlfriend. Using "skills he has acquired" from previous work, he fights to find her, even allowing his own life to be put at risk. That makes up the brunt of the story.

Alerts-- It is very intense. There is violence and blood, though not as much blood as one would expect with a plot such as this. It’s far from gore.

The language is there but, personally, I was more wrapped up in the story line to really notice it. Altogether, I felt the language was at a minimum though. There is more action -not much time involved for swearing.

Even with these elements, you’re enthralled and unable to stop watching because he’s looking for his daughter -a noble cause. One you hope and pray he succeeds in as you learn more about why she was taken.

Clarity-- The more action packed scenes are very easy to follow and extremely well done visually. They don’t blur by like they do in some movies. You’re able to keep up without much, if any, effort at all. The same goes for the actual plot.

Conclusions-- The whole movie is based around this man’s love for his daughter and his willingness to do anything to find her. That alone is what makes this movie great. It’s also something we don’t see much of anymore in this day and age.

Fathers... You may not need to fight for your kids the way Liam Neeson did in this movie, but there will be things to fight for, I guarantee it. And your daughters especially need you to. Being one, I know.

Please, never back down. Never give up. And fight for them at all costs, even if it means losing yourself. There are still lives and hearts counting on you.

I highly recommend you go check out the movie Taken. You won't regret a single moment.

~L. Pierce

Monday, March 2, 2009

Prophecy of Christ

I found this explanation about the prophecies of Jesus Christ and it made it so real to me. I never thought much of it before I read this. Hope you guys enjoy! :)

Peter Stoner, a scientist in the area of mathematic probabilities, says in his book Science Speaks that if we take just eight of the Old Testament prophecies Christ fulfilled, we find that the probability of their coming to pass is one in 10 to the 17th power. He illustrates that staggering amount this way:

“We take 10 to the 17th power silver dollars and lay them on the face of Texas. They will cover all of the state 2 feet deep. Now mark one of these silver dollars and stir the whole mass thoroughly. Blindfold a man and tell them he must pick up one silver dollar. What chance would he have of getting the right one? Just the same chance that the prophets would have had at getting these eight prophecies and having them come true in any one man.”

And keep in mind that Jesus fulfilled hundreds more than just eight prophecies!

~L. Pierce