Friday, March 6, 2009


I was rather taken with Taken.

The new movie came out January 30th and stars the voice of Aslan from Narnia, actor Liam Neeson. If you loved his deep, soothing vocals in that movie, you’ll love actually hearing AND seeing him in this one. Also included is the X-Men star Jean Grey, Famke Janssen.

I caught a screening of it Friday, the 27th of February, and even after a month the theater was still packed. For good reason, too...

Plot-- In short, the movie is about a man who’s daughter gets taken on a trip to Paris with her girlfriend. Using "skills he has acquired" from previous work, he fights to find her, even allowing his own life to be put at risk. That makes up the brunt of the story.

Alerts-- It is very intense. There is violence and blood, though not as much blood as one would expect with a plot such as this. It’s far from gore.

The language is there but, personally, I was more wrapped up in the story line to really notice it. Altogether, I felt the language was at a minimum though. There is more action -not much time involved for swearing.

Even with these elements, you’re enthralled and unable to stop watching because he’s looking for his daughter -a noble cause. One you hope and pray he succeeds in as you learn more about why she was taken.

Clarity-- The more action packed scenes are very easy to follow and extremely well done visually. They don’t blur by like they do in some movies. You’re able to keep up without much, if any, effort at all. The same goes for the actual plot.

Conclusions-- The whole movie is based around this man’s love for his daughter and his willingness to do anything to find her. That alone is what makes this movie great. It’s also something we don’t see much of anymore in this day and age.

Fathers... You may not need to fight for your kids the way Liam Neeson did in this movie, but there will be things to fight for, I guarantee it. And your daughters especially need you to. Being one, I know.

Please, never back down. Never give up. And fight for them at all costs, even if it means losing yourself. There are still lives and hearts counting on you.

I highly recommend you go check out the movie Taken. You won't regret a single moment.

~L. Pierce

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