Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let Evil Reign

Why must evil succeed? Is it not possible for good to rule uninterrupted?

Ideal maybe, but unproductive.

Think of all the stories -in books or on the big screen- and tell me good's victory isn't so much sweeter after evil had gained the upper hand.

It's an integral part of storytelling! If there is not a mountain to climb and perils to struggle through, the journey isn't worth taking; for the one setting out, or those of us along for the ride. As a writer, if everything is handed to our characters on a silver platter, they would never learn or grow.

God works in the same way; you could say stories take their "cue" from Him. He allows evil to rear it's ugly head to remind us how truly horrid it is and make His victory even more incredible and life-altering. Growing becomes an inevitable product of this.

Look at Job in the Bible! He practically perspired blessings, and God allowed almost all of it to be taken away from him. It was ugly, sure. Life-changing, definitely! But the aftermath was much more rewarding. It was worth every second of the pain and struggle he endured.

It's difficult for me to see evil win in any form, be it fictitious or in the real world. But I take comfort in this; evil may have a hold in this world, but God holds the world in His hand. I say "Let Evil Reign" because its day is coming.

Good will triumph.

~L. Pierce


  1. Just be certain you don't rely too heavily on this "God holds the world in His hand" idea. Refusing to get up and make change in the world, good change, is as evil as the evil you see. We're on this planet to create good and positive change in the world, not ignore it or even take a "well, I'm going to heaven and heaven will be perfect" stance which so many Christians claim as their excuse to do nothing.

    Fortunately people like myself don't need a God to make good positive change in the world. Some do, and I know I'm extremely rare.

    Well written Lauri!

  2. Helius,

    It is because I rely on God holding the world in His hands that I do take a stand for what is right and good in the world. You misunderstood me here... The purpose of this post was to say that evil will never win in the end, even if it appears to be at the present. It was not to say that good should not try and work hard to battle it. NOT AT ALL! You're right, SOME who call themselves Christians have used this as an excuse to not act. I am not one such person. The truth of the earth resting in God's hands only drives me to act all the more -hence why I am posting this in the first place.

    Things tend to get out of our human hands; always have, always will. It's comforting to know then that even if we can't win every battle (which, realistically, we CAN'T on our own), God can and will. Likewise, even if we can't succeed in fending evil off completely ourselves, God will be the ultimate victor in the end. Over ALL evil!

    Just because you don't acknowledge God in your actions and desire for good to change the world, He is still present. See, God IS good. He is the very embodiment of GOOD. Through Him, and only Him, we find the reason and the means to offer that positive change you speak of. Without Him, we are merely relying on ourselves. If that happens, this "good" then can become whatever we make of it. If we see fit, even murder and theft can be considered "good."

    It is because God calls those things evil that we should as well. Unlike we fickle human beings, His word will never change. This GOOD God then is the only way we can ever hope for goodness to conquer evil, in the world or in our own individual lives.

    Thanks for your input! I always appreciate the chance to clarify if I've been misunderstood. Imperfect human being here! *points to self*

    1. Lauri, what a well written and wonderful message. Your response was superb as well! Thank you for sharing this.