Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Would you like a Proud Whopper?"

If I say no, thank you, does that mean you won't serve me? I prefer to refrain from stereotyping and by asking me that, you're forcing me to make a public declaration and choose a side, when really it's no one's business what I agree with or not. Yet for some reason, Burger King has made it part of theirs.

If I don't choose a Proud Whopper, it makes me look like a freedom stealer, though what I say --least of all, yes or no to a burger-- takes away no ones liberty, it merely clarifies my own. But if I agree, it makes me accepted, though I have to throw all of my standards, knowledge, and convictions out the window in order to do so. Feels like I'm back in grade school all over again...

I don't need a food choice to tell me that people are all the same inside, I already know that because God said so, and that's MORE than enough for me. We are all equal; doesn't matter the color of our skin, what our profession is, what our sexual preference is, we are all fallible human beings with multiple options laid out before us in our lives --good and bad; harmless and harmful. And no matter what, we all have the capacity for salvation through Jesus Christ.

Now, some people get bent out of shape when I say that. To them, it's "forcing my beliefs on them" even though I was just merely stating a fact and not asking "Would you like a side of Jesus with that Whopper?" Not forcing your beliefs on others is a BIG thing in our culture today, but the Proud Whopper is doing the very thing Christians are accused of all the time. And you're "proud" about it??? You're using food to separate people even more than they already are and feed a double standard.

That Proud Whopper suddenly doesn't look so proud anymore... If you don't want things forced on you, don't force things on others. Food or otherwise.

So, thank you, but no. I prefer my Whopper original, without a hint of peer pressure, stereotyping, and being separated into different camps. Oh, but pickles are okay!


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