Friday, June 1, 2012


Growing up, "waiting" for the one God has for me seemed to mean remaining abstinent. But what if it's more than that? I'm learning that it can also mean waiting on the guy to move or be moved to action and having enough patience, restraint, and faith to endure. It can also mean I'm not ready for him.

Yes. "Waiting" means much MUCH more. Above all, waiting on God.

Let me assure you, waiting on God never meant sitting idly by in Scripture. There was always preparation or some sort of pre-action in expectation of hearing from Him, be it fasting or suiting up for war. Whenever the Israelite army prepared to go to war, they did so as they waited on a word from the Lord. It might not be what they expected to hear, but it always came. Without fail.

Don't get me wrong. It's fatal if we don't wait... Saul waited on Samuel to provide the sacrifice to the Lord before battle, but his idleness and the men in his army scattering from fear led him to act on his impatience. He carried out the sacrifice himself, and it was his downfall as king. His kingdom over Israel crumbled and, within minutes of the act, the Lord had selected the one who would replace him.

God always comes through. It's our job to wait, but it's also our job to prepare. I wish they taught this in giving out promise rings. Ladies, that oath you swore or are on the brink of swearing means more than just saving your purity. It is also a dedication to making sure you are prepared for your guy in every area. Be it sexually, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, you are called to be whole!

The right guy isn't going to want you if you have baggage that droops your shoulders or are unkempt and can barely take care of yourself. We are meant to bring light, joy, and peace to the lives of those around us, eludes Harvey Newcomb in HOW TO BE A LADY.

"B-but, two halves make a whole!" While yes, a man and a woman become one, that is the only truth in this cliche. Becoming one does not mean you will become whole! Learn this and learn this well; this sentence is a limitation. It's basically saying, "No one is perfect or will EVER BE, so just settle for what you can and don't even try."

... Excuse me???

Just because some people are too lazy or impatient (remember Saul???) to strive for the absolute best, DOES NOT MEAN it is unattainable!

Imagine how much stronger you will be in a relationship and a marriage if you both come into it as WHOLE people. It is not the guy's responsibility to complete you, it's YOURS! Between you and God. The same is true for him. It's unreasonable and unfair to expect so much from him, and no doubt the biggest reason why marriages crumble. We are only half a woman expecting to become whole by half a man. This is not math class! You don't get to add the two together no matter how hard you try! It's like trying to fit a square block into a round hole. If you are only half of yourself you will attract guys with only half of themselves. Meaning, you are setting yourself up for heartbreak.

The only relationship with the capacity to make you whole is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Only He has the power to help you change your life and be prepared for the man God destined for you.

I challenge you -as I do myself- to strive to be able to say you are "READY and WAITING." These two halves really do make a whole. It's not just waiting; you may find God makes you wait a long time for the right one without the other half.

~L. Pierce

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