Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roots, by Lauri Pierce

I am by no means a poet, but God taught me something today that came out in this way. So, I thought I would share. Let me know what you think. :)

~~~~~~~ ROOTS~~~~~~~

There was once a place I used to dine,
On sin and foul of every kind.
Three trees stood tall and marked three sides,
Leaving open a welcome compromise.

Then I left that place; grew old and wise.
Turned from my sin and found my life.
One by one the trees grew rot,
Consumed by poison, ne’er to stop.
And one by one they each were chopped,
Severed once and left a thought.

I watched the last come crashing down,
The last of my sin I hoped was found.
But each tree was left a stump,
Every bit of what grew once.
Though what was seen was no more,
What was unseen still endured.

So, a note I wrote,
Of things within.
My sorrow and apology there in.
It was their future I did fear,
Actions past were there to steal.

Like those roots I learned it well,
the secret of forgiveness’ spell.
God does forgive our crooked past,
The thoughts of which turn into glass.
But with it comes clear view of those,
Of whom our wrong did so oppose.

With God’s forgiveness we should see,
That it is not a one-way street.
Yes, God forgave me,
This is true.
But now let me seek forgiveness from you.

Do not forget that all we do,
Has a way of spreading like flu.
Our tongue we use to claim a change.
Let our actions then say the same.

Even though those roots still loom,
Of trees that spelled my imminent doom.
My words, I hope, will do their part,
And save one good and innocent heart.

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