Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hypocrites and Justice

There is a lot going around about Phelps being suspended. What I don’t understand is.. why?

Sure, there is a picture of him using marijuana. Does that mean he still uses? Something I fail to read about is whether the photo is recent or if it's something in his past.. Anyone know?

I find it really hypocritical though. I mean, society and the media all make things like that seem “normal”. And when it comes to those that don’t, we are labeled as uncool and even unhuman! (Which, in reality, those that don’t are cooler... Consider all that’s happening to Phelps!)

So, the photo... They created it, whether they want to admit it or not. They are creating the means (the pipe) and the motive (it’s the normal thing to do and it looks SO cool on camera). He tried that because it’s been made to seem ‘okay’.

Sure, he may have made a poor decision in actually doing it, but he’s not perfect! NO ONE IS! We are fools if we think that Phelps is as well just because of what he’s done. Yes, he’s done some amazing things. But we all have the potential to if we take it and work hard.

What kind of justice is it when we create monsters then punish them?

~L. Pierce

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